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Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather Features: Exchangeable rivets, heavy buckle with two pins, 9 prong holes for adjustable fit, centered GASP embroidery back Please note: The GASP Lifting Belt is made with high quality, environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather. With the type of dyeing technique used, color will bleed onto other fabrics and clothing, especially when new. GASP Lifting Belt is extremely soft yet still provides stability and support for most of the lifts in the gym. Once you put it on, you’ll notice that the leather moves with your body and the more you use it, the more it’ll shape and form with you. This makes the GASP Lifting Belt a lifelong training companion. The rivets are exchangeable, and we’ve added a heavy buckle with 2 pins and 9 prong holes for the perfect adjustable fit. A solid lifting belt is a given in any GASP Athletes training bag and over the years we’ve perfected a variety of specialty belts for the heaviest loads to this new GASP Lifting Belt which is a belt more suitable for all occasions in the gym. With the help of a strong demand and feedback from our community we see this as must have products as most of our athletes benefit from using a general belt that gives a great support while reducing the risk of injuries. Additional Sizing Info: XXS: 21 – 25” / 55 – 65cm XS: 25 – 30” / 65 – 75cm S: 30 – 38” / 75 – 95cm M: 32 – 40” / 80 – 100cm L: 34 – 42” / 85 – 105cm XL: 36 – 44” / 90 – 110cm Size guide (by waist measurement). Has 9 prong holes with approx. ½” / 1,5cm in between.


Really strong and durable belt for a good day in the gym. Black Amara on the outside and natural suede on the inside. Extremely cool GASP embroidery on the back and on the front belt loop! High quality buckle with two pins for good stability! The belt is 10cm (4 inches) wide. Your best workout partner ever! Material: Leather / Arnara Additional Sizing Info: S: 28 – 36” / 70–95cm M: 30 – 38” / 75–100cm L: 32 – 40” / 80 - 105cm XL: 38 – 42” / 95 - 110cm Size guide (by waist measurement). Has 8 prong holes with approx. 0,8” / 2cm in between.


The Harbinger 6″ wide contoured leather belt is the perfect solution for reliable core support during any heavy-duty activity. The contoured design ensures a snug fit around your waist, providing support and stability to your core. The interior foam padding and suede lining offer superior comfort, allowing you to wear the belt for extended periods without discomfort. The heavy-duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle locks the belt into position, ensuring that it stays securely in place during any activity. Whether you’re lifting weights, or performing squats, this leather belt is a great choice to provide reliable support and stability to your core.